Why Earth Carbon International ?

In the famous Hindu mythological book Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna remarks : He who breaks the wheel of Yajna (the cycle of giving), is a thief. We, the humans, have proved to be just that. Nature has a balanced cycle where even in destruction lies creation. All the natural elements are givers. The sun that gives energy and light to all living beings, the clouds bringing the timely rains with them, which helps plants to grow. These plants again, help animals to survive. Such complex and yet serene is nature’s way of lasting.

We humans are the only specie that harms the workings of nature as severely as we do.We take all we can, giving nothing in return. If we don’t use better judgment sooner, we’re looking at our own doom!

Looking at the graveness of the situation, we had to come up with the direct solutions rather than usual cautious actions. One effective way to measure pollution these days is carbon footprints. According to statistics, humans emit 764 tons of carbon every second; making it 7 tons of carbon footprint per person annually. The key factor here is increasing population. With a rise of over 1 Billion every 15 years, we’re on the verge to exhaust the natural resources.

Looking at such a grim picture, one can easily say that the only way to contribute in the survival of humankind is to adapt a new lifestyle. To be the change rather than wondering how to bring it. According to another survey, 90% population of the world aspires to be carbon-neutral today.  60% of the households are capable for it, but sadly, only 6% have achieved it! Mainly that’s because of technical aspects such as synchronization with natural resources and maintenance. And that’s where we come into the picture!

What is Earth Carbon?

Earth Carbon is the brainchild of the NDTV Mission Energy Campaign winner (Residential Category), Mr Amitsinh Vaghela-Vakil. What started as a hobby to adopt a carbon-neutral lifestyle, took the shape of a full-fledged Startup aimed at climate-change.

Basically, Earth Carbon is a portal that guides its customers to attain sustainability through UN- Approved programs such as...


What We do ?


Earth Carbon guides its users right through measuring, managing, and minimising the Carbon Footprint towards sustainability. With the help of this portal, the daily contribution of Energy Supply, Water Usage , Gas, Sewage Services dramatically decreases.

The Process :

  • The process basically comprises of three ‘M’s. Measurement, Management and  Mitigation of Carbon Footprint.
  • We collect the data of the customer’s activities of one year and generate an Emission Report. Further, according to customer’s budget, Mitigating Programs are offered.
  • Once the selection of suitable Program is made, the implementation takes place, making sure that the actual goals of emissions are achieved.
  • The customer is also provided an Online Emission Report through our dedicated Customer Dashboard.
  • We make sure that the customer is provided with complete exposure, including  Local to  Global aspects.


[Earth Carbon International is registered in England with country specific Business Partners. The Asia Pacific region is represented by Aditi Impex Limited.]


About Earth Carbon

Earth Carbon International is registered in England with Country wise business partners  for its operations. M/s Aditi Impex Ltd is such partner  for Asia Pacific region. 

Founded with social + Profit motive to promote Climate Change Solutions. Where awareness and small changes leads to sustainability which are our core business values. Universally 90%  of households wants to be green and be responsible to environment. But they are faced with many questions :

Where do I start ?

What will be effect on  environment by my action ?

Which  Technology shall I buy ? 

When will I get  back  my Invested money ? Pay back ?

Who will install and maintain the system ?

Which incentives do I qualify for local & International Programs ?

Earth carbon has identified  this gap and have started online portal addressing all issues.Step by Step Earth carbon takes you to sustainability Road . This is the only portal where customer's are local to global. Meaning  local action global impacts.

Mission: To create more Cleaner, Greener, Sustainable Earth by reducing annual Global Carbon footprint to 3.5 tons from 7 tons per person. Mainly focusing on Household, Corporate, Government & Non Government entities.   

Vision: Adopting Cleaner, Greener, Sustainable solutions for our habitat and  future generation, which other wise would have been difficult for our survival without Clean Air, Water, Food & Energy.  We envisage our success by measuring, managing, minimizing & mitigating carbon footprint with simple affordable 360 degree climate change solutions.